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» The Facts about the Criminal Case against Swami Premananda

“My whole life changed and I became a victim – not of Swami Premananda, but of the police and those whom they influenced.”

“Someone is trying to set-up Swami Premananda. The DNA case is a fabrication from start to finish. This deception throws a terrible shadow over validity of DNA fingerprinting if now there are scientists who are prepared to misuse it to find the innocent guilty.”

“The judge was not interested in the truth and not at all in what I had to say… We are intelligent, logical and caring human beings who would not be prepared to support a murderer and a rapist in a mass conspiracy to set him free.”

» Other Witness’ Accounts

“They beat me with the sticks non-stop for 30 minutes. They broke seven sticks on me. I did not retaliate because they were police officers. I really thought that they were going to murder me.”

» Is this Justice? – Renée and Xavier Van Bambeke

Renée and Xavier van Bambeke relate their experience as defence witnesses before the Sessions Court

» Interview with Mr. Wigneswaran, Retired Judge of Sri Lankan Supreme Court

“I am sad to say that this is not the type of judgment that was expected of the Supreme Court of India, which has been held in high esteem hitherto.”

» Our Men in Black by Ram Jethmalani

“Ram Jethmalani says it is time for a frank appraisal of the system. We publish this argument not out of disrespect for the judiciary but in a spirit of honest, democratic debate.”




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