“In the Ashram it is not important what caste or religion you belong to. It is not necessary for me to know how much wealth or property you have, or what your academic qualifications are. It is a place for everyone to qualify for the spiritual life and to learn to live a simple life. Another purpose of the Ashram is to help needy and destitute children. The Ashram is a place of spirituality, giving service and doing good to fellow beings…”

Swami Premananda

Sri Premananda Ashram

The Sri Premananda Ashram is situated in the village of Fatima Nagar, about 20 kms south of Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu. Over the last 20 years the once desert-like area has been transformed into a great garden filled with numerous plants, bushes and trees. The buildings, which are built in a simple way with palm leaf or clay tiled roofs, are all set in the lush gardens.

There are around 400 children and 100 adults living in and utilizing the facilities of Sri Premananda Ashram. The Ashram residents come from various cultural and religious backgrounds and hail from India, Sri Lanka, and other countries. They participate in the Ashram’s various spiritual and charitable activities.

There are visitors’ rooms, an administrative office, a library, a meditation room, dormitories for the children, a large kitchen, a dining hall, a cowshed and more. In the Pooja Hall and in the Sri Premeshvarar Temple, where Swami Premananda’s Mahasamadhi is established traditional rituals and bhajans (devotional singing) are conducted daily.

Devotees from all over the world come to the Ashram all year round and for special festivals such as Mahashivaratri, Guru Poornima or Swami’s birthday.

There are many Sri Premananda Centres, Groups, and Youth Groups around the world, where devotees come together regularly, perform traditional rituals, practise meditation, sing bhajans or join together for service activities.



Since its very beginning Sri Premananda Ashram has always been a place of charity and service to the poor and needy.

Children’s Home

Hundreds of children live in the Sri Premananda Ashram. These children, some orphans and many who have only one parent, come from deprived backgrounds. In the Ashram they receive accommodation, food, medical care and a good education free of charge.

Premananda Primary School and Premananda High School

The Ashram runs its own Primary School and High School for both the Ashram children and poor children from the surrounding villages. Started in 1994, it has been teaching these children from first to tenth standard with a very high success rate in public exams. The Ashram also provides extra-curricular classes in classical singing, Bharat Natyam (classical dance), yoga, music, subjects related to nature and environment, and so on.

Higher education

The Ashram also encourages and helps needy children to follow higher studies and courses including obtaining university degrees.

Service for the Local Population

The Ashram carries out restoration and cleaning of village temples, distributing food parcels and clothing to the poor, helping individual poor families to build houses or to start up their own income source, helping them to conduct their marriage ceremonies and much more.




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